Who am I?

March 6, 2016    Personal Blog

My name is Alex Salom and I currently serve as an iOS Engineer at WeltN24 GmbH in Berlin, Germany.

This website has gone through many incarnations and the one you are seeing is the latest. Previously I went for complex CMSes in horrible and expensive hosting companies. That has changed. What you are seeing now is the awesome Jekyll with a modified theme called Sustain.

Jekyll allows you to build blog aware static websites letting you focus on the content instead of the management.

What should you expect from this site? Swift, iOS, tech stuff -books included-, code, maybe some music too… just the mumbles you would hear if you were working next to me.

class Person {
  func who() -> String {
    return "Alex Salom"
  func wo() -> String {
    return "Berlin, Germany."
  func what() -> [String] {
    return ["code", "music", "ci", "ios"]