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September 29, 2017
Localize strings more beautifully with an extension

If you’ve worked in an App that has multiple languages you’d probably have learn to hate love Apple’s localization API NSLocalizedString. We just want a localize some strings but instead we are forced to provide a comment which in most cases we’ll just pass in nil.

Checkout the documentation here.

I’ve been using for a while a small String extension to shorten the wording while keeping the API flexible for different scenarios. Let’s go straight to the point and show some snippets with...

March 3, 2017
Dependency Injection with Service Locator

Here at WeltN24’s iOS team we like to test. We like it so much that we build our code to be almost 100% testable. We are able to achieve this by injecting all dependencies through each class’ initializer. One technic to do this is to make use of Swift’s default values.

The Swift Programming Language

You can define a default value for any parameter in a function by assigning a value to the parameter after that parameter’s type. If a default value is defined, you can omit...

March 10, 2016
Swap out your App Delegate for testing

The best thing about unit testing is the ability to know if our production code works as expected without having to tap around in the Simulator. It is crucial that we receive this feedback fast so we can run the test suite as much as possible. That is even more important when we are practicing TDD.

While running our tests, Xcode firstly launches the app in the simulator like if we were normally running it and thus having the site effect of executing any code we may have in our...

March 6, 2016
Who am I?

My name is Alex Salom and I currently serve as an iOS Engineer at WeltN24 GmbH in Berlin, Germany.

This website has gone through many incarnations and the one you are seeing is the latest. Previously I went for complex CMSes in horrible and expensive hosting companies. That has changed. What you are seeing now is the awesome Jekyll with a modified theme called Sustain.

Jekyll allows you to build blog aware static websites letting you focus on the content instead of the management.

What should...