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  Revolut Business © Revolut Ltd
  A borderless account, with powerful, personalised tools all in one place, giving you ultimate control over your business finances. Manage your account from iOS, Android and the web.
  Vodafone Smart © Vodafone Group Plc
  Manage devices and subscriptions of IoT products bought at Vodafone E-Shop.
  Welt News © Axel-Springer SE
  Get the latest news of directly in your iOS device.
  Welt Edition © Axel-Springer SE
  Winner of several international awards. Get daily issues of Die Welt right into your iOS device. Just like the printed newspaper but on a smartphone.
  famila Nordost & Monte Pay © SMARD Transactions GmbH & Co. KG
  Offline mobile payment system for mobile devices. An internet connection is only required during the activation process.
  Lemongrass © Lemongrass España
  Order food right from your phone at Lemongrass, a fast food asian restaurant. Users can either order home or to pick up at the restaurant. Also done during my time at Green Grow Apps.
  Mobincube © Mobimento Mobile S.L.
  This great product allows people without technical knowledge to create native mobile applications. I developed this app using the technology we built for iOS so users could test their applications on a real device. It happened during my time at Mobincube.
  WePark © Mobimento Mobile S.L.
  Parking spaces detection by analyzing live video feeds. The project was sponsored by the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry of Spain. I was entrusted with the development of the iOS App.
  Metro Valencia Offline © Green Grow Apps S.C.
  Schedule of the metro from Valencia. The App works 100% offline. I helped building the interface, offline mapping and workflow on version 1.0. It happened during my time at Green Grow Apps.

  Swift Talking is a blog updated every two weeks about Swift, tooling, Continuous Integration and other stuff written by Alex Salom.
  Record animated GIFs (and videos) from the iOS Simulator and the Android Emulator.
  Valencia Bikes & Sevilla Bikes
  Because of my passion for bicycles and the love for my hometown I had to develop this App for iOS where users of Valenbisi and Sivici can find real time information of the network status: where are the stations and what is their availability.
  NSUserDefaults category one liner that also includes a memory cache so we only need to access disk once per item.

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