Valencia Bikes & Sevilla Bikes
  Because of my passion for bicycles and the love for my hometown I had to develop this App for iOS where users of Valenbisi and Sivici can find real time information of the network status: where are the stations and what is their availability.
  NSUserDefaults category one liner that also includes a memory cache so we only need to access disk once per item.

Work and fun

  Welt News © Axel-Springer SE
  Get the latest news of directly in your iOS device.
  Welt Edition © Axel-Springer SE
  Winner of several international awards. Get daily issues of Die Welt right into your iOS device. Just like the printed newspaper but on a smartphone.
  famila Nordost & Monte Pay © SMARD Transactions GmbH & Co. KG
  Offline mobile payment system for mobile devices. An internet connection is only required during the activation process.
  Lemongrass © Lemongrass España
  Order food right from your phone at Lemongrass, a fast food asian restaurant. Users can either order home or to pick up at the restaurant. Also done during my time at Green Grow Apps.
  Mobincube © Mobimento Mobile S.L.
  This great product allows people without technical knowledge to create native mobile applications. I developed this app using the technology we built for iOS so users could test their applications on a real device. It happened during my time at Mobincube.
  WePark © Mobimento Mobile S.L.
  Parking spaces detection by analyzing live video feeds. The project was sponsored by the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry of Spain. I was entrusted with the development of the iOS App.
  Metro Valencia Offline © Green Grow Apps S.C.
  Schedule of the metro from Valencia. The App works 100% offline. I helped building the interface, offline mapping and workflow on version 1.0. It happened during my time at Green Grow Apps.